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八仙过海【bā xiān guò hǎi】

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Once eight Gods were invited to Penglai, after the meal, Tieguai Li suggested visiting Penglai Mountain, and the rest all agreed. As they reached the East China Ocean, Lü Dongbin said to others, “Since we’re God and Goddess, let’s cross the ocean without a boat.” As soon as he finished, Zhong Hanli took out his huge cattail fan and jumped on it, moving towards the centre of the ocean. He Xiangu crossed the ocean by standing on her lotus. Tieguai Li then threw his walking stick into the ocean and stood on it, and Han Xiangzi crossed the ocean by his flower basket. The rest Gods all crossed the ocean with their own powers.

[Annotation] Tieguai Li, Lü Dongbin, Zhong Hanli, He Xiangu, and Han Xiangzi is all one of the eight Gods, the rest three are Zhang Guolao, Lan Caihe, and Cao Guojiu.

[Definition] It literarily means eight Gods crossed the ocean, but its extended meaning is when someone achieves success with his special ability or power.


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