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Meet Sygmatic - Intermediate & Advanced Comprehension App with Real Conversations

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The simplified way foreign languages are taught with textbooks or beginner-level apps like Duolingo doesn't match up with how people actually talk. Sygmatic is a web app for individual language learners to go from intermediate > advanced with a focus on conversation in specific dialects.

Sygmatic aggregates YouTube videos of native speakers having everyday conversations in Spanish, French, and German so learners can pick up slang & colloquialisms, pronunciation, intonation & tone, body language, and facial expressions - all within real life social settings.

We've did a soft launch in August of this year, but are finalizing some updates to the app (below) where you can toggle on/off different aspects of what someone says - like verbs and tenses, parts of speech, and filler words. Check it out here (updated website forthcoming): https://www.sygmaticlanguage.com/

You can use code EARLYUSER25 to get 25% off forever :) I'd love any and all feedback!

Screenshot 2023-10-08 at 3.46.10 PM.png

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