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 黄粱一梦【huáng liáng yī mèng】

Shudan Guan

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Once, a poor scholar met a Daoshi, who gave him a pillow and said, “You will live the life you want if you sleep on this pillow.” When the scholar back to the hostel, the chef was cooking with foxtail millet. The scholar fell asleep and had a dream. He got a high position and became wealthy; he woke up when he reached the moment of death. He saw the Daoshi standing in front of his bed, and the grain rice wasn’t ready. It turned out that the decades of luxury life were as ephemeral as a dream.  


[Annotation] Daoshi: A Daoist clergyman. 黄粱: Foxtail millets, here means rice made of foxtail millets. 

[Definition] (Of something) Empty and fictional. 



* If you are interested in Chinese folk tales or ghost stories, have a look at: https://chinesestoriesfolktales.quora.com

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