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从容不迫【cóng róng bù pò】

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Zhuang Zi, a famous philosopher in the Spring and Autumn Period, debated with another philosopher at the same period called Hui Zi. They stood on a bridge and Zhuang Zi pointed at fish in the river and said: “See how smoothly the fish swim, this is the joy of fish.” Hui Zi responded, “How do you know the joy of fish if you are not a fish?” Zhuang Zi said: “How do you know I do not know the joy of fish if you are not me?” His friend said: “I do not know you know the joy of fish because I am not you, so you do not know the joy of fish because you are not fish. Over.” The man says: “Please trace the origin. You already knew me know the joy of fish when ask me ‘how do you know the joy of fish’, and I know it on the bridge.”

[Definition] Refer to the state of calm and peace.


* If you are interested in Chinese folk tales or ghost stories, have a look at: https://chinesestoriesfolktales.quora.com

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