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Does anyone here know Sign Language? American or otherwise?


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I am wondering if I am the only HoH/Deaf person on this forum and the only one who is learning any form of Sign Language?  American Sign Language or any other form of Sign Language from any other part of the world? Believe it or not, different countries do differ quite a bit on some hand signs for a concept.

Sign Language is a conceptual language that uses facial expressions and body language as well as using the hands to form specific symbol signs to convey a meaning. It is a surprisingly complex and beautiful language. Syntax and grammar aren't as important as it is with written or spoken language because the person is merely trying to convey an idea in a sort of picture language so grammar and syntax doesn't play much of a role. Some signed concepts are quite easy to understand and remember...others not so much.

Anyway, that's my question. I wait patiently for an answer.  :wink:

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I tried to learn some sign language before when we were teaching some courses to high school students with disabilities but since it's been a while since I last used it, I couldn't remember much about it anymore.  I would be more than happy to refresh my memory again.  I think it's very useful.  Also, I'm not sure if it's actually American sign language or something else.  How can you know the difference?

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No, I don't speak sign language, but I know a few words I learnt back when I was going to elementary school.  I actually took a few classes with deaf kids who often used sign language.  I learn a few words over there, but sadly most... if not all of the words I learnt there where bad words.

I've always wondered how big were the differences between the people of different countries who use sign language.  I wondered things like... will a deaf kid from Peru be able to communicate using sing language with a deaf kid from the US?  Things like that :)  Would be nice if someone could clear that doubt for me.

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Unfortunately, it's like any language, if you don't use it you lose it...especially if it's not your first language.  As for telling the difference in the sort of Signs used in different countries, it takes being immersed enough in American Sign Language, (ASL), to be able to tell.  I am learning ASL, BSL ans ISL right now to try and see the differences. (BSL is British Sign Language and ISL is Irish Sign Language.)

I've just started with both of them, and right now it's mostly like learning how to sign an accent and understand the slang signs and so on. While there is a lot of signs that are the same or very similar with all three, there are an awful lot that are different.

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