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What sources do you use to learn a new language?


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The very best way I've found (although it's very rarely possible) is to know a native speaker of the language you want to learn... someone who will be able to help you with how it's supposed to sound, etc.

I haven't been able to do so well with books alone... there's no way to tell if I'm truly saying the words the way they should be said.  Book in combination with Internet course or even a YouTube with a native speaker may work for me, though.

Now that's for spoken language... when it comes to just needing to read/write a language, then books work great for me when speaking isn't involved.

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I use an audio book, and I write on Spanish forums, because Spanish is the language I am trying to learn. I sometimes talk to strangers from Spain on Facebook. Some of them accept me and are willing to talk to me.

I did something similar, but instead of forums I used a chat room!  It was so fun at first, because I felt so excited for being able to talk to people from other places, and being able to express myself in other language was just amazing!  Mind blowing!  Now talking to foreign makes me feel like ''meh''.  LOL.  Amazing how things change over time.

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well i use rosetta stone to learn french but i also watch french videos and shows and listen to their music to get a better feel for the language really.

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