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How do you practice reading and writing in a language with a different script?


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You want to learn a language like Japanese, Korean or Arabic, languages with different way of writing, script etc.

I am learning Korean myself, and reading is quite difficult,  I see a whole text and takes me time to read, even though I know every Hangul letter.

What methods do you take to train your mind to automatically recognise letters, words and phrases in a language thats totally different to yours?

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The language that I learned was French, which isn't much different compared to English. All there is really is just some accents here and there. But for the most part, it uses the English alphabet letters, so I didn't have to practice any strokes and stuff.

But if I were to learn a language that requires me to practice strokes and such, I would just get paper and practice writing them down over and over again. Just like in kindergarten, I'd repeat the strokes over and over again until I master it. In kindergarten, you practiced the alphabets (A,B,C.. etc). So you're basically doing the same thing but with a different language

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For me it would be Hebrew.  I don't have tricks to offer tho, since the difficulty when it comes to reading a language with a different script varies.  I dn't have such a hard time reading Hebrew, specially religious texts because of the nikkud.  I might have a hard time reading colloquial texts, like news reports online and so on, but after a while you get used to it.

I know Korean is a while different thing tho!  Different reading system, so sadly I don't have a lot tips to offer, other than ask you to keep practicing it!

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I attack it by learning it from the foundation onward. I think that if you are able to learn the basic structure of the new language then the rest will eventually fall into place and each new advanced lesson will be much easier to learn.

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