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How to express your sentiment/attitude in Japanese?

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Hi  All,

I’m working on creating a vocabulary of sentiment words in Japanese that might be used when describing a service provided.

What  words (please write them in Japanese) would you use when describing the service in Japanese? Are there any other ways besides words (i.e. sentence structure, particles, etc) to express your sentiment in Japanese?

example for sentiment/attitude words:

- I’m  HAPPY with the service provided

- Sales representative was VERY HELPFUL

- I’m DISAPPOINTED with the service and will NOT RECOMMEND it



Thank you, UHHA

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Japanese works quite differently to English in this regard. You tend to directly describe things rather than describe your feelings about them.

So instead of "I'm happy with the service", you would instead say "The service was good" (サービスはよかった). "The sales representative was very helpful" is fine because you're describing them, and is 販売員は大変助けになりました. The last one might be phrased "The service was unsatisfactory and I cannot recommend (that place)": サービスは不満で、進めできません. (I'm a little unsure of that last one, because it's not such a common phrase).

If you want to find how Japanese people say things like that, try finding websites for rating restaurants and shops and the like. See what you might be able to pick up from how native speakers write about their service experiences.

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