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Phrasal Verbs: MAKE



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Phrasal Verbs: MAKE

We're going to look at phrasal verbs with the word 'make'. Read these definitions and examples, and then try to complete the sentences below with the correct phrasal verb.

Note: You will have to change the tense!

1. Make something out - to see/recognise something in the distance

E.g. Can you make the company building out down there?

'The company building' = the subject.

2. Make out (with someone) - to kiss

E.g. Lucy and Adam spent the whole evening making out!

3. Make something up - to invent; tell a story which is untrue

E.g. Andrew always made stories up when he was little.

4. Make up (with someone) - to become friends/boyfriend/girlfriend again

E.g. We had a fight last week, but we made up a few days later.

5. Make up for something - to balance the lack of something else

E.g. His brilliant sense of humour makes up for his carelessness!

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