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Vocabulary: Renting Accommodation



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Vocabulary: Renting accommodation

Here's a list of useful and easy short questions you can ask when you're looking to rent accommodation - rooms, apartments, a flat, a house, whatever it might be!

1. I would like to rent a flat/apartment please.

2. I would like to be close to the town centre, with a view of the beach.

3. What does the flat/apartment contain?

4. Is bed linen available?

5. Are towels provided?

6. Is there a cleaning/housekeeping service?

7. Are there any sports facilities?

8. How much does it cost?

9. How far is it from the airport?

10. Could you send me a brochure, please?

...And here is some vocabulary you will also find useful:

- unfurnished = an apartment/house which doesn't have furniture

- furnished = an apartment/house which is complete with furniture

- semi-furnished = an apartment/house which has some furniture, but not all you need

- spacious = big; offering lots of space

- run-down = used to describe a building which is not in good condition - old-looking and not well-maintained.

- renovated/refurbished = everything has been fixed/redesigned, and made new

- to move in = enter an apartment/house to live there

- utilities = basic needs e.g. water, electricity and heat.

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