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Linking Words


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Linking Words:

* Though

despite the fact that

The baby isn't sleeping, even though it's late.

* If

in the event or on the condition that something happens

We'll go for a walk if the weather is nice.

* As if

as it would be if

He treats her as if she were a princess.

* So

with the result that

He didn't want to go to the party, so we went without him.

in order that

I stayed there so I could see them.

* Both ... And

to emphasize that each of two things is true

Both Carmen and her husband speak French.

* When

at what time, the time at which, and then...etc

My aunt was only sixteen when she got married.

* After

following or subsequent to the time specified

I saw him after I returned home.

* Or

to connect different possibilities

It is four or five o'clock now.

* As long as

during the time that

I'll stay here as long as she gets better.

on condition that

You can go out with your friends in the evenings as long as you get good marks at school.

* While

at the same time that

I was reading a book while Kate and Rick were playing football in the garden.

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