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A Kind Of, Kind Of, Kind To


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A Kind Of, Kind Of, Kind To

    A Kind Of

    We use a kind of + noun when we talk about a think that resembles another thing.

    - A smartphone is a kind of computer

    - This book is a kind of dictionary

    - A banjo is a kind of guitar

    Kind Of

    We use kind of + adjective to mean a vague amount of.

    - I think the prices in that store are kind of high, don’t you?

    - The cupcakes here are kind of small

    - I was kind of worried about her when she didn’t call me

    Kind To

    We use kind to when we want to show the object of someone’s kindness.

    - I’m always kind to animals

    - My students are very kind to me

    - Young children should be taught to be kind to their friends

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