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English (N/L) for Portuguese (T/L) exchange via Skype available here.


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God, I hope I spelled Portuguese correctly!  :wacky:

  I am a Native English speaker from New York, (no accent), currently living in Thailand, looking to learn the language of Brazil; my next port of call.

  I am also a CELTA certified ESL Teacher, so you can practice your English skills with the best.

  While primarily for language exchange/partnership, I am always open to meet cool new friends from different cultures.

  We can message here to hash out the particulars at first.

  Hope to chat with you soon.

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I'm down for this!

I was born in Portugal and have lived there all my life.

My family on my mother's side is Brazilian though, so I'm just as confortable with that variant of the language.

As you can see, I can actually speak English fairly well, but I'd like to improve my grammar, as I'd like to write for a living.

Let me know how we should go about getting started  :smile:

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Thank you for the reply Colebra! I can tell that your English skills are well developed. I have a good feeling here, as there are some screenwriting aspirations within me that have so far gone unrealized. I believe we can inspire each other.

As I am writing this post, I have just realized I could have simply sent you a message.  :shy:

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