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Linguistics Degree


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I am currently doing a Bachelor of Science in Geoscience. I want to do another degree along it. I'm considering a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics along. I did a couple of Linguistics courses and I like them very much.

What do you guys think? Is it a fulfilling degree? Does anyone knows of its prospects?  :smile:

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In my opinion there will always be someone telling you the good and bad things of something, so if I were you... I'd really go for it if you really feel like it's something you truly want to do.  For real, if you feel like you want to go for it and you don't really have a better prospect, then I'd advice you to go for it :)

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I don't have a degree in linguistics, but I want to go for a Master's in it some day. I'm in teaching, both at home and abroad. So it would be helpful for my career direction. I'm interested in languages besides, and one of my dreams is to at least become bilingual by the time I'm 30. Outside of teaching and academics, I'm not sure what the applications for it would be. If you can become multilingual with the degree also, I imagine that would open some doors. There are a lot of bilingual people who don't really understand the languages they speak; they just speak them. If you can speak multiple languages with a deep understanding of languages, you've got skills you could make a career into, or so I would think.

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