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Learning German through Rosetta Stone?


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Hi, everyone! I have been fortunate to take advantage of Spanish during high school. I'm continuing to learn Spanish in college, but I also want to teach myself German, even though it was a miracle that I managed to grasp Spanish in the first place. I have started using Duolinguo and it's helped me out, but I was curious if Rosetta Stone is any better? Considering Rosetta Stone is quite expensive, I'm just wondering if it's worth buying, especially for beginners like me? What are the pros/cons to it? The only issue I've heard people mention is that Rosetta Stone is good for beginners, yet doesn't offer much for people who know the basics. Other than that problem, I haven't heard much negativity regarding Rosetta Stone, but I want to hear a few more opinions before I make a decision.

Thanks for the help!

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I personally love the Rosetta Stone method, but I know a lot people out there hate it... I think that's mostly because it is so expensive, but if you have the cash for it then it's a great idea!  For real!  There are way cheaper options out there, but the Rosetta Stone method is really effective, I love the program (I have the Hebrew one) it's very interactive and you will surely learn with it.

But of course it really depends on the kind of learner you are, if you are very visual and auditive, then you'll surely benefit from it!

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I would have to agree with Trellum that Rosetta Stone is very expensive. That are lot of cheaper ways of learning German. I personally attended German Classes in Chennai at a place called FITA and it was good. In fact your travel expenses and the course fee put together would be cheaper than what you probably pay for Rosetta Stone. I think they offer Online German Classes also. Do check out their website, they may be of help for you.

Here is their website: http://www.fitaacademy.com/courses/german-training-classes-in-chennai/ 




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I've heard from some folks that Rosetta Stone is just a really, really expensive form of flash cards. You'd be better off learning German through Duolingo, Memrise, and possibly some grammar books. It's much cheaper, and it will also test if you really, really want to learn the language. Also, I think it's more fun that way personally. I really enjoy doing Duolingo and Memrise, and then taking notes in my notebook. It makes the experience of learning the language feel more personal, I think. These are definitely methods I'd suggest.

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