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Howdy from the South Western United States


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I am justusforus, a self proclaimed nerd, philosopher and always willing to share the "world according to me".  I am educated in the law but love the outdoors and am a cowgirl in my spare time.  Studied years of Latin (ok give me a break) but it clearly is a help in law, medicine and other areas of study.  Many people realize there is a "strict" Latin (in religious context) and also Latin has been poked fun at.  Fun...really?  Try this for starters -  "Semper Ubi Sub Ubi"  If you have figured it out Semper = Always, Ubi =Where, Sub = Under and yes....it is "where" and not "wear" but a real Latin geek would laugh!  Hope to enjoy the site and contribute!

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Welcome to Linguaholic, justusforus! I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Always where under where... That should be a corporate motto for a company in a comedic work of fiction. However, I'm sure the Latin geeks have used it enough on their own. Oh well~

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Welcome, justusforus!

Make yourself at home and I am sure you will get along with the other linguaphiles on this forum! have fun!

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