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Languages and the direction they are written in.


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Most Languages I know are written from Left to Right. Some others like Chinese and Arabic follow a different direction. What other languages do you know, that adopt a different direction? How difficult is it to follow the direction and understand the language?

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The writing direction is not usually dependent on the language, but on the type of script. Hence the languages written right to left are all the languages using the Arabic script, those using the Hebrew alphabet, and so on.

The right-to-left languages with more speakers probably are, apart from the two you mentioned, Persian, Urdu, Kurdish, Hebrew and Yiddish.

You should note, though, that Chinese is written right to left only when using the traditional vertical writing. The same is true for Japanese and Korean. Today these languages, because of the influence of European languages, are often written horizontally, and in that case they are written left to right.

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Hebrew, Aramaic, Russian, assyrian  Kurdish, etc.  Yeah, many languages use different directions. In my opinion hebrew isn't so hard to learn, specially for me, but languages like Chinese would be a different story. Same with Korean.

A friend of mine is married to a south Korean, she is only 20 and got married recently. I don't envy her at all! They are living in Korea and she is trying to learn Korean!

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