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Looking to learn how to Speak Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin)


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Study With Us on Discord for FREE!

Hey man, if you aren't getting any bites from here, maybe go check out Omegle. Get on the video chat section of the chat (disclaimer: beware), and put "China" in your interests. There are a fair number of Chinese colleges students on there looking to interact with native English speakers.

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I use an app called Social Language. They've got tons of native Chinese speakers that can chat & practice   with you for free. I also had a friend in China said that they all use an app called Social   Language. It's like a langauge exchange and social platform for Chinese & English   speakers. Anyone using it as well?  http://goo.gl/32mYs1

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If you're serious about getting better in your speaking skills in Spanish, I'd recommend finding a way to speak with a native speaking person. It's the fastest and most effective way to improve because you are learning by doing and someone is there to correct your mistakes.

I use Rype - http://rypeapp.com - to connect with a native speaking tutor, and they actually offer a free 30-minute lesson initially to check out their service. The conversation lessons are with a native speaking professional tutor, so it's very informative and my tutor Mariel even typed up all of my errors in a document and sent it to me after the call to look over.

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