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I have noticed learning Kurdish is hard, very hard, mostly because finding materials to learn it is really hard (or it was when I was younger), specially if you are interested in ''Sorani'' Kurdish!  It seems like there isn't enough material online or offline to learn this dialect or language.  I was actually interested to learn it when I was younger, but lost the interest soon enough after seeing there were no materials to learn it :(

Is anyone here trying to learn it or interested to learn it?  Have you had a hard time finding online or offline materials to learn it?

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I was interested in this language when I was very young, back then there were no materials to learn Kurdish online, not at all.  Needless to say that since i lost interest YEARS ago I haven't searched for Kurdish materials online. 

Thanks for the links, I'm sure they will come in handy for someone interested in learning Kurdish, given the fact the materials to learn it online are still scarce compared to OTHER languages.

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