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Duolingo: Multiple language resources


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www.duolingo.com is an incredibly good language resource centre. It helps you learn Spanish, Danish, Irish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese or Dutch (Netherlands)! It starts you off with the very basics and slowly but surely gets more difficult. There is typing, translating and audio in the learning process as well as grammar. It's incredibly! I've been getting really well at German lately just from the site alone. Every one should give it a go!

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There are already quite a few threads about Duolingo, though I guess that means another wouldn't hurt. Is English really your native language? I see a few foreign quirks in your manner of typing...

But anyway, Duolingo is perfect for any beginner, but it really does depend a whole lot on the individual's desire to learn.

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As PixelBaeBee already told you, there are at least two threads about Duolingo on this forum already. There really is no need for a third one. Duolingo definitely is a good resource for learning a new language, but the vast majority of linguaholics already know about it.

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