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Can I Omit reflexive pronoun in spatial situations?


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Is it necessary reflexive pronoun (or indirect object pronoun) to show possession of bodypart or clothing when subject or subject pronoun is mentioned in sentence?  For example which below sentences is correct?

1- Ella rompió los anteojos.  Or  2- Ella se rompió los anteojos.

3- Ella juntó las manos para orar.  Or  4-Ella se juntó las manos para orar.

5-Ella cortó el dedo.  Or  6-Ella se cortó el dedo.

7-Sam arregla el pelo.  Or  8-Sam se arregla el pelo.

9-Lolita lava las manos antes de comer.  Or  10-Lolita se lava las manos antes de comer.

According to below refrences 1,3,6,7 and 10 is correct. Now i am confused whether reflexive pronoun is arbitrary or not?

sentences references:





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Sometimes it is right to use it, sometimes it isn't, the more you learn the laguage the better you will be at discerning if it should be used or not.

Right answers:

1- The first one is right, but the second: ''Ella se rompio los anteojos'' isn't.

3- Again, first one is right, the second one sounds super odd and never ever used.

5- The second option is the right, if you meant she cut herself, the other is right too if want you wanted to say is she cut someone's finger.

7 - Both are right in their own context, because the one can refer to someone styling someone elses's hair, while the second about someone styling his or her own hair.

9 - The second option is the only right,  the first one sounds so odd and is never used in any context.

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