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Learning Spanish online / conversational spanish: convoconnect


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I recommend everyone to use http://www.convoconnect.com if you are serious about learning Spanish and wanting to become ffluent.  To become fluent there is no denying that you must regularly practise speaking the language.  Textbooks and online materials are fine for learning the fundamentals but nothing beats real interaction.  Michel Thomas audiobooks are a good way to work on sentence structure and listening skills.

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This applies to other languages as well, OP. Practicing is the key to truly learn a language, because if you don't, then it's very easy to forget all the things you have learnt. A language requires the active participation of the learner. Thanks a lot for sharing this site with us, I'll recommend it to my SO!

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Awww, too bad this is only for Spanish students :(  I wish there sites like these for people learning dutch :(  I'm so fed up with those people I've met at those language exchange sites.  Most of them aren't even serious, just sign up to see how many friends they can get in the site, so lame.

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