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Most sophisticated language?


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Well in personal opinion here are the languages I think that sound sophisticated: British, Austrailian, French, Japanese, Itailian, Korean and Latin... All so very very sophisticated and all so~ very charming/enchanting to the ear <3 >//w//< 

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For the longest time, it was drummed into me by society that French is the most romantic and most elegant language, and I believed it at the time. Well, that was until I heard and learnt some Italian. My, talk about smooth! I have to say for me, Italian has since overtaken French. 

I also have a thing for POSH (not the regional dialects) British English/ American English. I think both can be very sophisticated. I know American English very rarely gets a mention, but I love it when it's refined and cultured. I'm sure you can tell I have a thing for accents LOL


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