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I started learning Norwegian this week and I'm loving it. The language resembles a lot to English in many situations and I love the way it sounds. It took me a few weeks to decide whether I would be learning Norwegian, Swedish or Danish but after searching around the internet I found out that those who speak Norwegian understand Swedish and Danish better than the opposite situations.

Written Norwegian is really similar to written Danish, the pronunciation of the words is quite different though.

I'm loving it so far, I can already introduce myself and count to thirty (well enough for just 2 days of learning)!

Who's also interested in learning Norwegian?

This is the best free Norwegian course you'll find on the internet: http://www.memrise.com/course/189711/a1-beginner-norwegian-with-audio/ (if you have Memrise and you want to compete against me, follow me @jgoncalo).

See ya!

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