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Colango Language Teaching App

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Hi Everyone,

I’ve created a language teaching application that I think would be great in foreign language classrooms. It’s a social language teaching application that allows students to learn from your language posts. Here's some http://imgur.com/a/u3xLI

For example) Hanyang University’s (S. Korean Univ.) English discussion class is using Colango to provide their students with more opportunities to speak to each other outside of class. The Professor posts a private prompt only her Followers (her students) can see and they respond to it/each other below in the voice comments. We are pulling metric reports for her on the back end to help her grade her class more efficiently. It breaks down how many times students checked her post, # of times they commented, # of times they replied to each other, # of seconds of their replies, etc.

You can check out a sample posts here - http://share.colango.com/view/003BACB5-C93C-444D-8A69-3E62618D4F7B/

All posts you make are shareable through our share site. We are currently working on a full Colango webapp.

We are looking for teachers to work closely with to determine how to improve our application.

If you're interested please PM me =) You can check out our website here - www.colango.com

Colango is still currently in BETA, but I’d love some feedback from all the language teachers out there. Should we improve something? What do you like? What don’t you like? Would you personally use this app? Any features you’d like us to add?

Please ask us anything or tell us anything. We really appreciate your help!

P.S. We will also be adding a YouTube feature in the next few days that allows you to easily turn YouTube videos into language exercises. Stay tuned!

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