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Learning at home with Pimsleur


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Hi everybody!

I am brand new to this forum, but excited to have found more "linguaholics" out there :-) I just recently started learning Portuguese, so far only at home, through the Pimsleur software. Does anybody here know it? What is your experience with it?

So far, I have to say that I am really happy with it, at least as far as the speaking goes. Finally, I feel like I am actually learning phrases people say and that I will use a lot. However, when it comes to writing I am not very convinced. The program is mostly audio and based on listening comprehension and repeating. So even if I know how to pronounce a word I have no clue how to write it. Have you had the same issue? What can I do to actively improve my writing w/o having to get a complete new program?

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I tried Pimsleur once to learn Spanish. I only got to use the speaking part, though. Like yourself I was happy with it. It helped me say a few things in Spanish, and it was great to be able to speak relevant phrases/sentences in only a short time. I'd say it really is a great tool to achieve conversational fluency. I don't have much experience with the writing, though. Sorry. Good luck on that one. Do share if you find a resolution to your issue. Welcome to the forum!

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