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1st or ae- Declension


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Well, here's a useful chart. The second column is the one you need for the first declension. The first and the third column are for second one. So, here's it is:

amica, ae, f means friend (female)

SG                    PL

N  amic -a          amic -ae

G  amic -ae        amic -arum

D  amic -ae        amic -is

Ac amic -am      amic -as

V  amic -a          amic -ae

Ab amic -a        amic -is

I have mentioned somewhere that N and V case are usually the same. This is the case with this declension. Ablative form amica may seem the same like nominative and vocative, but it isn't really. The final -a is long.

Some words which follow the same pattern are:

dea, ae, f - goddess

filia, ae, f - daughter

aqua, ae, f - water

terra, ae, f - land

patria, ae, f - homeland

silva, ae, f - forest

I've already mentioned them in my topic ''On Verb and Basic Verb Usage'', which you can find here - http://linguaholic.com/study-latin/on-verb-and-basic-verb-usage/

Here are some more nouns which belong to this declension:

symphonia, ae, f - harmony of sounds, symphony

vesta, ae, f - garment, dress

amphora, ae, f - jar

corona, ae, f - crown

herba, ae, f - grass

pinna, ae, f - feather

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