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2nd or o-Declension


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This declension is with mostly masculine and neutrum nouns. I'll enclose a chart from before. The first column is for masculine nouns (amicus, i, m - friend) and the third one is for neutrum nouns (donum, i, n - gift). Here they are:

                    M                                    N

      Sg                  Pl                      Sg              Pl

N  amicus            amici              donum          dona

G  amici              amicorum        doni              donorum

D  amico              amicis              dono            donis

Ac  amicum          amicos            donum          dona

V  amice              amici              donum          dona

Ab  amico            amicis              dono              donis

I need to mention some similarities here. You've probably noticed that Dative and Ablative are the same for both masculinum and neuter nouns - in singular it's -o and in plural, it's -is

I should also mention the ''RULE OF THE NEUTER'' which says: Nominative, Accusative and Vocative forms are the same for all neuter nouns! (always follow the nominative).

Additional rule: In plural, in these three cases, neuter nouns always end on -a!

This doesn't change, no matter which declension you have. If the noun is neuter, it will always follow these rules, no exception.

Some other frequent words which belong in this group are:

populus, i, m - people

campus, i, m - field

lupus, i, m - wolf

filius, i, m - son

deus, i, m - god

dominus, i, m - master

cibus, i, m - food

caelum, i, n - sky

somnium, i, n - sleep, dream

bellum, i, n - war

fatum, i, n - fate

auxilium, i, n - help

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