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Is it easier for you to learn the language of neighboring countries?


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@Miya, you sound like me LOL Just out of interest, have you actually tried at all? I haven't really tried, but there are some languages in neighbouring countries that I know if I tried, I'd be able to learn, as some of them are quite similar. For instance, Tswana (spoken in South Africa) and Sesotho(spoken in Lesotho) come from the same family of languages as my native language, Setswana. They are very similar, and we can all understand each other. There are other languages that are not so similar but are easy enough to learn, but of whatever reason, I've just never learnt.

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It really depends. My neighbours are Bulgarians who are also of Slavic descend and without any learning we can understand each other. Macedonian people are basically Serbian people who split and made up a language which is a mix of Bulgarian and Serbian so yes we understand each other as well. Before becoming a country Montenegro was a territory in Serbia and of course we speak the same language so they do not count. Bosnians and Croats also but people from Croatia are not the same people, although the language is 80 percent same. Albanians, Romanians and Hungarians on the other hand are another group of languages and we cannot understand them if we do not learn.

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