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1st and 2nd Conjugation - Present Active


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I've already shown the simple pattern of sentence with various verb forms used, but I had not yet presented them properly. I have also enclosed a table you can use showing these two conjugations in present active tense.

I or a-conjugation got the name because of the vowel -a which is present in the base, e.g. laudo, laudare. That's also why II conjugation is also called e-conjugation: the verb has in its base vowel -e: deleo, delere. Also: laudare and delere are infinitive forms.

Present simple tense is formed by taking away the infinitive suffix -re and adding these suffixes:


1st person - always o

2nd person - s

3rd person - t


1st person - mus

2nd person - tis

3rd person - nt

This rule is applicable to all four conjugations. (it differs a little for third person plural)

              1st conjugation                      2nd conjugation

            Sg                  Pl                  Sg                  Pl

1st      laudo          laudamus          deleo              delemus

2nd    laudas          laudatis            deles              deletis

3rd    laudat          laudant              delet              delent

Infinitive: laudare (praise)                delere (destroy)

And, as usually, here is a small list of frequent verbs belonging to these categories:

1st conjugation:

iuvo, iuvare, iuvi, iutum - please, help

narro, narrare, narravi, narratum - tell a story

opto, optare, optavi, optatum - wish

orno, ornare, ornavi, ornatum - decorate

puto putare, putavi, putatum - think

rogo, rogare, rogavi, rogatum - ask

sto, stare, steti, statum - stand

voco, vocare, vocavi, vocatum - call

2nd conjugation:

fleo, flere, flevi, fletum - cry

habeo, habere, habui, habitum - have

moneo, monere, monui, monitum - warn

placeo, placere, placui, placitum - like

iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussum - order

suadeo, suadere, suasi, suasum - advise

video, videre, vidi, visum - see

You can also find full list of 1st conjugation verbs here: http://linguaholic.com/study-latin/verb-conjugation-in-latin/

Linguaholic had found them all, so enjoy.

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