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Introduce Yourself - Useful Phrases and Expressions


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This is also from an online website on Norwegian, so here it goes. Kaffi, please, be so kind to correct any mistakes you find:

What's your name? Hva heter du

My name is...  Jeg heter...

Nice to meet you! Hyggelig å treffe deg

Where are you from? Hvor er du fra

I'm from ... Jeg er fra

How old are you? Hvor gammel er du?

I'm ... years old. Jeg er ... år gammel

What do you do for a living? Hva jobber du med?

I'm a (teacher/ student...) Jeg er ( lærer/ student...) - you do not prefix in Norwegian with a student.  You just say student, teacher ect.

Do you speak English? Snakker du engelsk?

Just a little Bare litt

I like Norwegian Jeg liker norsk

Mr.../ Mrs. ... Herr.../Fru...

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