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On Pronouns: Personal, Reflexive and Demonstrative Pronouns


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This is from a Grammar book: Norwegian: An Essential Grammar, so it should be correct.

Personal Pronouns

                    Subject form/Nominative    Object form/Accusative


1st person                      jeg (I)                meg  (me)

2nd person                    du/De (you)        deg /Dem (you)

3rd person                    han (he)              ham (him)

                                  hun (she)              henne (her)

                                  den/det (it)          den/det (it)


1st person                      vi (we)                oss (us)

2nd person                    dere/De (you)      dere/Dem (you)

3rd person                    de (they)              dem (them)

As you can see, plural doesn't make difference in between gender of third person.

Note: The capital you (De/Dem) is the polite form.

Reflexive Pronouns


1st person                    meg  (myself)

2nd person                    deg /Dem (yourself)

3rd person                    seg (himself/herself/itself/oneself)


1st person                    oss (ourselves)

2nd person                    dere/Dem (yourselves)

3rd person                    seg (themselves)

As you see, the pattern is reminiscent of Latin - no distinction in 3rd person, either singular or plural.

Demonstrative pronouns

Norwegian has two main demonstrative pronouns which correspond to English this/these and that/those. They inflect for number and gender.

Masc/Fem:    den (that)              denne (this)

Neuter:        det (that)                dette (this)

Plural:          de (those)              disse (these)

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