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Letters to a Young Poet - Rainer Maria Rilke


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A friend introduced me to Rilke back in college. One of my favorite works turned out to be Letters to a Young Poet. It's one of those books that had a great impact on me.

Anyone here have read it? What are your thoughts on the book?

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I have read so much about and around Rilke, different authors speaking about this man and his works, I cannot help but feel some undefinable awe for him. I feel particularly drawn to the underlying, almost infectious sense of hope that colors his writing. I'm in awe of his take on death. Wherein he says that death is the biggest "yea-sayer"..


I haven't read much besides some of his poems yet, but I have grand plans about getting down to some serious readings of his works. The book that you just mentioned, I will surely have a look at that :)

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WoW! That's a good one. I highly recommend that you pick up Letters to a Young Poet. It contains his 10 letters to a 19-year old poet which he mentored through these letters. He talks about how it is to be an artist and with thoughts on life. Amazing book for me, really.

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