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Declension of Numerals - Unus, Duo, Tres, Milia


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Not to make this any more complicated, but these four numbers (unus, una, unum; duo, due, duo; tres, tria; milia) have their declensions! This, however, isn't the case with the rest of the CARDINAL numbers. All ordinal numbers have their declension, but about that later.

Unus, una, unum has the pattern of 2nd declension for masculine and neuter nouns (like adjective bonus, bona, bonum), and 1st declension for feminine nouns. However, beware: unus has only SINGULAR! Why? It's one! For plural, you must have at least two, which is why duo, due, duo has only plural! Same is with tres, tria and milia. They too come only in plural.



N    unus      una      unum

G              unius

D                uni

Acc unum    unam    unum

V    unus      una      unum

Ab  uno        una      uno


N    duo      due      duo

G  duorum duarum duorum

D  duobus  duabus  duobus

Acc duo(s)    duas    duo

V    duo      due      duo

Ab  duobus duabus duobus


N      tres        tria

G          trium

D          tribus

Acc    tres        tria

V      tres        tria

Ab        tribus


N        milia

G        milium

D        milibus

Acc      milia

V        milia

Ab      milibus

You can also decline ''hundreds'' from ducenti (200) to nongenti (900), also in plural, so like  boni, bonae, bona.


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