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Working verbs


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I truly hope a native dutch speaker can help me out with this one.  I want to know what you guys mean by ''working'' verbs? What is the exact definition of a ''working'' verb?  If someone could please give me an explanation, a definition... along with some examples I'd be so grateful! 

I'm asking this mostly because I'm already starting to try to figure out the word order in dutch.  The working verbs term is used a lot, but haven't been able to find a clear explanation online.  Are working verbs in dutch a group of finite verbs? Or the ''working verbs'' status depends just on the context in which the verb is used?!

Please help!!!

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I think that's just a translation. The Dutch word werkwoord literally translated is 'work word', but the true translation is just 'verb'.

We only divide verbs in the two categories weak and strong verbs. Strong verbs 'change' when used in past tense, while weak verbs stay fairly the same.

For example, the verb blijven, meaning 'to stay', in past tense is bleven. You see it loses the ij, so this is a strong verb.

And the verb werken (to work) in past tense is werkten, which is hardly different, so this is a weak verb.

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Really?  But then how do you know where a verb goes in a sentence with several verbs, let's say 3 verbs?  Gosh, I don't know where I got that from, lol.  I was told something different, I'm starting to think the person who told me about the ''working'' verbs is trying to sabotage me :o

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