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TL: Spanish; Native Language: English


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Hello all,

I'm a native English speaker who has just started learning Spanish. Would love to have a pen-pal to chat about books, movies, TV shows, or whatever. Send me a message here if you are interested.

Looking forward to making new friends and developing my language skills!

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Greetings laurabean! I was actually just posting in another forum that I would love to find a snail mail pen pal to write to in Spanish, because I have forgotten so many of my Spanish language skills! English is my first language as well. I was almost fluent a few years back, but then I fell off and lost most of my fluency!

I have to get a PO Box (I need to get one soon anyways), so once I get one, I would be interested! I could do it by email for now, but I know that's not as fun. I love getting snail mail. But I will favorite this for when I get the PO Box!

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