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I'm sure this has been discussed elsewhere but probably in many fragmented threads but I'd like to ask for help in finding courses for a number of languages. Users can chip in with what they consider the best for any of the below listed languages. So I hope to create a single list here of the best materials.

So I wondering what you guys consider the best courses that ACTUALLY work. I find the most recent courses produced to be pretty much garbage (i.e. teach yourself). I find the old Hugo simplified series to be the best, with imitated pronunciation and numerous helpful drills. So I'm probably looking for something like that.

(History: I have all the Michel Thomas courses and I have used some pimsleur)

I hear the FSi courses are good for drills. Anyone know which are the best and which are the most reliable sellers. I prefer to have a paper copy. I'm sure I can get the audio online.





















Chip in with what you can!


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Hey DrX,

I like Pimsleur the most out of the packaged language programs marketed. It definitely gives a solid functional base of a language. But all the language programs out there are going to take you to a A2, MAYBE B1 level.

To get past that my favorite methods are Anki flashcards for vocab, grammar books and lessons on Italki, http://www.italki.com/?ref=1555469. That will definitely move the needle the most in a cost efficient manner.

BTW are you planning on learning ALL those languages?  :amazed:

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If you look through here:


You should find something that works.  It contains entire courses from the FSI, DLI, and Peace Corps.  Some of them are a bit dated (hence the scanned-in, typewriter look of some of them) but they work for a good, solid foundation.

The only real drawback that I found was trying to find a good Hebrew course; the ones on this site are very old, hard to read, and even people with little or no experience in the language can feel how dated and archaic some of the words/grammar are.

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Hey guys! I'm new here and I thought I'd say hello with posting something useful. I had trouble choosing a  language course. This guide came in handy, maybe it will help you too! :wink:


How did you guys find language courses?

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Thanks for the link charlotte! I am thinking about a new language and I just don't know which to pick right now. I am still mastering Spanish and French and was thinking that Italian might be the most logical step, but let's see if your link helps me out. Thanks for the post!

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