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I've been learning Dutch thru active listening since January this year, and I could swear I have made a lot progress, because I can now understand most of the things I'm asked and so on.  I must admit I still have some troubles understanding some stuff I'm being told, but in my defense I must say this is only the start!  Because even tho I'm done with the course, I am actually planing to study it again, but my advantage is that I now now the content of the book well.

Now I'll go on and make mind maps for each lesson.  This is the hardest, yet the funnest part! I can barely communicate in Dutch, by the way (stupid word order), but dutch word order is starting to make sense to me.. I'm starting to recognize when a word is in the wrong spot and so on.  I no longer feel so strange when I write it or try to speak it... to me that is a huge progress.

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