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NL: English, TL: Many, many (inside)


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Just because I think I would run out of room in the title.  I have a lot of languages I am learning, and I can learn them.  I have the ability to keep them separate, even those that are very close.  So, here is a list:


Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe dialect)

French (esp. African [read: Senegalese] French, or, failing that, Quebecois)

Gaelic, Irish

Gaelic, Scottish




Latin, Classical


Swahili (esp. Ugandan)


I also have endeavors in Dothraki, Na'vi, Quenya, and all Valyrian dialects (I'm a nerd).  But because there are no real native speakers, it's mostly a hobby (which I would share with others who want to learn).

I would hope to have a native speaker, but anyone who would consider themselves fluent is nice.  And as a personal preference, I will talk to anyone on open forum, but messaging/email/tutoring/etc. I will do only with women.  It's just a rule for myself.

I don't Skype or other related apps or whatever; I just don't like it.  But I message and email very well.  I am also on italki if anyone can find me.

As far as the actual...messaging, I suppose, I'll do a 50/50 with any of my listed languages.  I will do receptive tutoring (you teach me, I do not teach you).  And ultimately, I would like to just have a conversation that gets to be less of a hassle as time goes on, make a friend, give me a reason to come back.

Reply here or PM if you are interested in some way.

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