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Kids and camps: research continues to make the case for learning chinese

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Guest alanbusiness

For many students, summer is a time to play outside, sleep in, and watch TV. School and learning become a blurred memory. Many of these students, especially low income students, then suffer “summer learning loss” and actually lose 2-3 months of math proficiency over the summer, falling further behind their peers - and accounting for over two-thirds of the achievement gap between low-income students and their higher-income peers. 

Summer camp in Mandaringarden is going to host a camp which will last for three months during this coming summer.We can learn to speak chinese in the summer camp. Our week begins with a full day of electrical engineering with littleBits. Kids start the day with free exploration of their kits, working in small groups to discover how a circuit must go together to power an output.

They build proficiency with the kits as the work to complete a series of objective-based “challenge cards” and, later, build an electronic game. The day ends with an “inventor’s hour” when student engineering teams design and construct a drawing machine.Summer camp in Mandaringarden will brinog yu into the pure world of Chinese, experience unique and eye-opening oriental life, culture and food.Inspire children's interest in learning Chinese

Our best successes come from open-ended projects that allow kids to design their own solutions to a problem we present (e.g., designing a drawing machine, working to complete challenge cards). These activities encourage kids to think about the utility of each part of a circuit and work with what they have, both in and out of the kit, to achieve their objective. Summer camp in MandarinGarden courses and activities are specially designed for worldwide kids and teenagers.

There can be lots of competing ideas during these processes, but it allows them to practice the ever-important skills of compromise and redesign. In these cases, products are always diverse and kids really appreciate the chance to see everyone else’s ideas.

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