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Learn Chinese characters in fun

Guest Queena

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Guest Queena

When I first learn Chinese we were taught not to learn how to write because it was too time consuming. They didn’t tell us that it was because we were being experimented on. Learning to write characters is identical to learning to read music. If you take away the abstract learning which is learning to write the entire learning process goes twice as fast. Once you are solid in speaking you learn to write quite fast and is lots of fun. Most of us don’t realize until you get into it that the characters are made up of combinations. After you learn the first couple hundred they seem to be multiple combinations of characters that you may have seen before in a single form or together. Today I was studying some new vocabulary of 70 words or so and only one word had a character that I had never seen before. Although recently I’ve not been practicing writing all the characters in my new vocabulary were combinations of that which I already knew how to draw. They were just placed in different positions. Sometimes they were on the bottom with two others on top or sometimes they were on the side with one on the right or sometimes two were up and down on the left with one on the right and so on. When the time is right, try it you will like it!

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