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Chinese learning will expand your world

Guest Queena

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Guest Queena

Logos Hall is Cantonese by birth but he grew up in Los Angeles. Logos was trained as a pianist graduating from the Manhattan College of music in New York. He made it his business to learn to speak Mandarin. I bumped into him at a trade Show in Shanghai where he was giving a lecture about riding vacations in Chile. Logos is a great example how to combine a life with his Chinese learning. He is now taking groups of Chinese around the world on riding vacations He is also teaching and performing piano around the world where ever he goes. With his new mandarin skill he opened an office in Guangdong where he is sourcing products for different companies around the world. The key to Logos success is Chinese learning, English Cantonese and Spanish. He has combined the languages so he is working globally and has his freedom as he is working for himself. His main tool is Mandarin. Due to having made the effort to Chinese learning he is working globally in all areas. China has become the new global power. If you are thinking globally, Mandarin is the tool of today and the future. Logos is a prime example.

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When we were in Beijing, I was very disappointed because Facebook was banned likewise with Google. They have their own version of social media and search engine. And since there was no Google Translate, we didn't have a chance to speak Chinese words except Shishe which means thank you.

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