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Why learn Chinese to become the best way to understand Chinese culture

Guest Queena

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Guest Queena

May 20 each year like the Chinese valentine's day that Chinese netizens to express his love. At that time the foreigner wondering, what the May 20’s story? why this day will receive a message from "520 I love you!" from Chinese frinend. What the meaning of 520? Is that the password? Therefore, foreigners will doubt and looking for Chinese to unlock the password. The 520 is China's first network festival, 520 and Chinese "I love you" homophonic, so Chinese netizens called network valentine's day.

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China has a long and illustrious history and she has seen many changes. Culture Course aim to help you understand more about China and her people, culture and customs, Hanbridge Mandarin, a Chinese language teaching school located in Shenzhen, offers acculturation courses so that you can get to know more Chinese people’s lives and improve your life in China more easier and interesting. We're welcome you to study Chinese in Shenzhen, and it doesn't matter if you do not live in Shenzhen, we also offers Chinese online teaching service.

The culture courses focus on specific aspects of traditional Chinese culture, such as Chinese calligraphy, painting, Tai Chi, cooking Chinese food, mahjong and so on. We already made a lot of good activity for Chinese Festival like the Spring festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Children’s Day. We got a lot of high praise from our students.

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