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Using the Study of Mandarin Chinese to Visit China

Guest Queena

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Guest Queena

Being a tourist is always very cold for me; the fun part of traveling is getting to know the people and places around the world on personal bases. If you have nothing to do it is pretty boring. To get to know China I used the excuse of studying mandarin. It was also a necessity for work. My project was to learn to read. That was how I linked up with Mandaringarden. I first studied in Li jiang. Lijiang is on the western border of China. It is half way back to Europe. There are more ethnic minorities there than any other place in China. The city is little too touristy but 2 kilometer away is the town of Shuhe. It is a small town that is really charming and not over publicized. All the buildings although new were constructed in the old wooden style of China. The City was as high as Mexico City and surrounded by snow covered mountains. I really liked it. The next year I went to Shanghai. Next time I think I will try Wuxi. I’ve only seen the old part of Wuxi that was all canals with little bridges over the canals. The center was made up of walking streets with open markets and old temples. There is a lot to see and learn in China.

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We had been to Beijing last January and it's a shame that I only got to know this site last week. It would have been great if I had learned a little Chinese so I could somehow converse with the vendors of the people on the streets. But I know I can still learn because in October we are going to Hongkong.. nihawma again.

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