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Hi! So, I posted in the intro thread that I'm an author, and in this recent book I've got a character who is Colombian, Vanessa Moreno. Now, she's lived in the US most of her life, however her parents are culturally Colombian and she has just a hint of an accent--but when she's particularly shocked, she tends to fall back on Spanish.

I've been digging, but found it hard to find references to particular colloquialisms of this nature from the Colombian cultural Spanish. I don't want to develop a character who becomes a kind of stereotypical caricature of a Spanish speaking individual, but I do want to expose her roots here and there and I want to make it as authentic not just to the language but to the culture.

Anyone here familiar with that kind of colloquial Spanish in Colombia?

Example: In one of her initial scenes, she believes herself to be alone with the main character--until his battered guest, who was washing up in the bathroom, comes out in a towel looking like he was mauled by a bear. I prefer not to have her say something like "Ay dios mio" or "madre de dio" etc., which seems both cliche and possibly a little racist--but I don't have a long list of alternatives.

Comparison: In my family I heard "jesus, mary and joseph" or "great googly god, boy!"

I'm originally form the SE United States.

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There is not such a thing as ''columbian Spanish'', lol.  You meant ''Colombian'' Spanish I am sure.  If you want to learn more useful expressions in Colombian Spanish ,then check this page out: http://matadornetwork.com/abroad/18-funniest-expressions-colombian-spanish-use/ 

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I think it is very cool that you want to take her out of the stereotype.  Be careful, however, some things that may seem stereotypical may actually be something cultural that has been exaggerated.  I would talk to actual Colombian people or other Latin Americans who may be able to help you with some things that are important to their culture.

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