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what language is this?


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My buddy was using computer the other day and i came home to this.

I thought it was Alien or something and got very nervous and screenshotted.

Thanks so much.

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It doesn't look like the writing system of any language I have seen or heard of,  it looks more like of of those fantasy languages, one of those fantasy alien languages ;) I could be wrong, but I have seen pretty weird writing systems before and this is definitely not in the list.

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Took me half an hour to find... I first suspected Klingon, which wasn't it, but I knew for sure I had seen it before somewhere. Some popular alien font.

It is called Aurebesh and comes from Star Wars.

I "translated" (it is normal English in a weird font) one of the lines:


I'm going to end up with a hellahandjob tomorrow if I keep this up

That plus it being #dextroverse chat means he probably wanted to keep it secret for a reason so I won't dig further~

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