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Experience with FrenchPod101 vs. Learn French by Podcast?

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to choose one French-language podcast for which I'm willing to pay for a premium subscription (which includes complete transcripts and lesson materials), but I can't decide between FrenchPod101 and Learn French by Podcast.  My goal is to improve my listening skills and expand my conversational vocabulary.  I've already tried out both programs but still can't come to a decision.  If you've had experience with either podcast in its premium version, any thoughts on their quality?  One website review (and only one) has said that the FrenchPod101 vocab/conversations are slightly more authentic and more immediately useful than Learn French by Podcast's.  But that's only ONE review (although it came from a native Frenchman who runs a French-language website).  FWIW, that reviewer also likes Learn French by Podcast but thinks FP101 is still tops. 

Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, everyone!

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I have experience with Dutchpod101, from what you described in your thread I am sure they use the same system for french as they do for dutch. Let me tell you I think their system is great, I am not the kind of person who often finds herself paying for this kind of things, but let me tell you I felt so tempted to pay for the premium, because i really thought it's so worth it! 

Actually I plan to for the premium once I am done with my exam... I still have another important exam in 3 years, so I better prepare myself early on! 

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