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How do you learn German Vocabulary?


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Everyone has their own ways to learn vocabulary. Some people just remember it after seeing or hearing it once (lucky people), some use flash cards and set apart time to learn them, others use websites and some use posters or sticky notes so that you can look at the words all the time. Some people are just really good at guessing the meaning of the words on seeing them! I personally like using websites like Duolingo.

What do you do to learn and remember German Vocab?

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I have almost tried all of the above that you have mentioned. Flashing cards, visiting Websites, talking with people, sticky post it notes, name it. But my favorite is reading books, news, etc., in other word, reading. Up to now, I see to it that I read everyday if possible. Personally, whatever language you are learning, reading is just one of the amazing ways to widen your knowledge in vocabulary. In my case, since I love reading, I am having fun while I am learning the language at the same time.

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Currently, I'm relying on apps such as Memrise, Duolingo, and HelloTalk to help improve my vocabulary. I haven't been very successful, but I have been pretty successful with learning adjective with flashcards. Once I get some more knowledge on German words, I plan to begin learning by reading things in German. I'm still at that stage in learning where I have pronunciation and spelling down, but not vocabulary and grammar. I plan to get my vocabulary up to par with my previously mentioned methods, and then move on to reading to help my grammar.

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You need to know the first 500 German words very well in all their forms, shapes and meaning. Many advanced words in German are compounds built with the basic German words. Also, the first few hundred words account for most of the everyday German, statistically speaking. So knowing the basics will give you a strong head start.

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