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What's the most difficult part of learning Swedish for you?


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For me it's definitely the articles! Since my mother tongue has no articles at all, it's been really a challenge to learn when I'm supposed to use the definite or the indefinite article. I have made some progress, but it's really more guesswork than knowledge. Does anyone have any tips on using the right form?

Also, I'm not used to nouns and verbs having so many forms to memorise. I mix up the plural suffixes constantly (on a recent test I wrote färgar instead of färger :P).

What are the most common mistakes you make with Swedish? And what parts do you find the most difficult? 

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The hardest part for me was the spelling...  I studied some Norwegian, so for me it was very easy to confuse the spelling of some words :/    Also the indefinite and definite articles have always been a problem for me,  specially in Swedish for some reason.  I'm no longer studying those two languages, but I've been thinking of studying Norwegian again.

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