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I know that Google isn't a good place to try and translate something that you need. I'm sure that there are way better sites that you can use. So, I'm wonder what some of them are? I'm sure that because it's free Google didn't make it that good. It's a pretty basic translation, which is why it's not very good. So, what is a good place to be able to translate something that you need?

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If you need professional translations manually done by people, I recommend Gengo. I'm still trying to apply as a translator there myself actually and let me tell you it's difficult to qualify! High standards.

I haven't used it to get something translated, mind you, so I'm not sure how much it costs.

For smaller projects, try the r/translator subreddit or sites like Freelancer maybe?

Outside of manual translation sites like that I don't know of anything better than Google Translate unfortunately. It's the best we got so far. I've tried SDL FreeTranslation but it gave me the same (or worse) results.

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